HVAC Financing Solutions For Your HVAC Clients

Many homeowners don’t have enough cash saved up to cover the cost of a HVAC system, or don’t want to risk losing their savings by taking on a large loan payment. Providing them with options like HVAC financing gives them the flexibility to move forward on their project.

A variety of lenders offer HVAC financing solutions, each with different eligibility requirements and credit limits. Many of these programs offer competitive interest rates, so it’s important to be familiar with the options available to your clients.

Most contractors integrate their financing with their customer service https://www.eheatcool.com/financing/ software to streamline the process. This allows them to easily provide a financing application and receive a lending decision within minutes, which saves time for both you and your client. One such lender is EnerBank, which offers a fast application process that helps you close jobs more quickly and improve your profitability.

Homeowners who are looking to replace their heating and cooling systems or upgrade ductwork can use HVAC financing to spread out the costs of the project. It also makes it easier for them to afford high-quality equipment that they may not have otherwise been able to. Having these options available to your clients helps you grow your business and ensures your team has the tools they need to succeed.

Financing Options for Your HVAC Clients

A number of HVAC companies and manufacturers offer credit cards that can be used to pay for the installation or service of a new HVAC system. These cards typically feature revolving credit lines and can help your customers manage their expenses and debt over time. However, these credit cards are usually only accessible to homeowners who already have a good track record with credit card use.

Another option for a HVAC replacement or service is a lease-to-own program, which allows your clients to finance a new system by paying off their purchase over time. While these programs have their drawbacks, such as the fact that homeowners are not responsible for maintenance or repairs, they can be a great option for homeowners who struggle to qualify for loans due to a poor credit profile.

Lastly, some utilities offer incentives or financing programs for energy-efficient upgrades, including HVAC systems. These can include low-interest loans or on-bill financing.

Offering a variety of HVAC financing solutions is essential for any contractor who wants to make the most of their opportunities. By ensuring that your clients have access to the financing options they need, you can close more deals, improve the quality of your work and build long-term relationships with your clients.